Post your views on the VELAYUTHAM WALL

Post your views on the VELAYUTHAM WALL

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List of Wall Messages

  • Ss
    thalapathi super velayuthum the mass i wating for thalaiva,jilla flim
  • Manik
    vijay still doesnt know acting and can join any group dancing troup
  • Rajarajasaaman
    vijyayin tholayutham romba chinathu, rubber senchu ottiko
  • Jeeva
    aduththavanai parthu poramai paduravan enga thalapathy ella velayutham super hit enru ulakamea solluthu athai vilangamal sila na
  • Sathish
    velayutham oru mokka padam ,....... manasachi yullavan nalla padamnu sola mattan
  • Jahith
  • Premji
    good movie.. can try someother different character
  • Thirupriya
    velayutham the rock,each and ever chacter acting was nice....all the songs was excellent .no words to say.....marvallous
  • Rakshith Shetty
    Super Hero, Super movie!!!
  • Doctor vijay
    natham vijay is a das
  • Kupai
    velayutham is a sunny movie
  • DR.vijay
    kundi nondi vijay punda acting in valaytham
  • Pochu mungi vijay
    kundi mungi vijay
  • Kusu DR. vijay
    velayutham is the kusu film
  • Pee
    sakada punda vijay
  • Vel
    kudi padam velayutham
  • Ee
    pee punda vijay
    VIJAY FANS ARE GOOD . AND WATCH ONLY GUD FILM LIKE VELAYUTHAM .............................................AND WONT WATCH GAY'S
  • Satham
    super massive movie
  • A
    vest film
  • Hari
    Vijay is the next super star The velayudham is superb
  • Karthi
    pakkarathuku karadi mathiri erunthukitu ithu podra seene eruku paaru,,,,,,,,,ithu sariyana 9 nine nu ali unaku varathala ethuku
  • Parthi
    vijay rocks again
  • Singham guna
    reallly rocks
  • Revanyh
    Thalapathi is Return
  • Ramuvijay
    ilayathla pathy vijay than supr mass
  • Vijay
    velayudham is my poolayudham
  • Kumar
  • Alfo
    Vijay is fucking Gay, he does not know how to act. All his dance movements and acting shows the fucker is Gay
  • Bharathi
    vijay is mass hero in tamil nadu no no next superstar
  • Ar sahman
    same fucked up masala fucking movie..songs in btween tis shit
  • Deli
    borrrrrrrring movie
  • Kumar
    mokka padam da.....................
  • Raja. Singapore
    Pls wait watch the Nanban, another all excited the Gun (Thuppaki) 2012 relase the Bullet. Thanks Vijay Fans
  • Hussain
  • Raja . Singapore
    Next Super is Dr. Indian Thalapathy Vijay
  • Niluxan
    vijay epayum rocksssssssssss.........
  • Sachin
  • Chillax jano
    mass movie i love it
  • Sajitha
    Wow Velayutham is a awesome film i saw 4 times :) Love u my vijay
  • Dhaya
    sonthama padam panna vakku illatha nee ella oru actor . sari vidu unna pathi pesa virumbala . unnoda fans paavam da
  • Shankar
    why dont you try remade LINCOLEN LAWYER MOVIE it will definetly match you sir
  • Srikanthan
    mach u good
    illaya thalapathy.... no words.. hats of to the entertainer
  • Karthik
    same same la ur movie
  • Shiva
  • Fran
    vijay is mass
  • Sam
    vijay the best
  • Alexander
    its same masala movie but its different from the other super hero movie, vijay always rockzzzzzzzzzz
  • Bala
    the masala movie again by vijay, cant say when he will do the challenging role. atleast he has to take it seriously masala will
  • MZN
  • Rabi
    vijay same acting all movie.very boring.learn from ajith how to acting.
  • Vijayfan
    velayudham is a deferrent action movie. i like
  • Balaji
    intha deepavali namaku samma collection ma
  • Vicky rockzzzzzzzzz
    romba scene podakkoodathu control pannunga...........................
  • Mahesh
    vijay good adar all pak you
  • Mr.B
    Vijay u better concentrate on business . Acting is not a good job for u .
  • R
    wow Super duper hit
    BEST BEST BEST. thalapathy inda adu mass than. SUPERB
  • 2021CM
    thalapathy rocks
  • Priya
    Vijay anna rocks for ever
  • Madan
    This movie is biggest hit of the year.
  • Rajesh
    marvelous effort from vijay. Vijay always rock in every scene like romance, style, dance, comedy, sad scene, action.
  • Amirtharaj
    vijay new marveloooo acting a new essage with old themeee..........vijay rocksss in vela,,,,,,,
  • Vijay
    vijaya kudi adingada
  • HERO
    i dont like vijay,,but the movie is superb....the concept taken by raja is GOOD......realy we all are a REAL HEROS against the b
  • G
    you know genelia has already have a sexe tape by a 4 english boys this is a gang bang fuck
  • F
    genelia is so hot in this film she is sexy ans she has a big boobs and a nice pussy then she has a very big ass she can has a n
  • Anil
    pls retire from the industry we dont want to see u in future ur stolen dailogue are non sense very bad
  • Kartik
    concentrate on doing good creational movies ,pls frm next film onwards don't wear red ,green,blue pant or shirt pls don't make
  • Kartik
    doing desi movies Actor Vijay learn from surya , Vikram ,Arya venkaiyam = velayudham pls change the title to venkaiyam it suits
  • Velu
    plz dont do any more flims like this
  • Vijay joseph
    naan oru sunni
  • Sathyaraj
    pundai film
  • Genelia
    genelia so cute and she has a big boobs and a nice pussy then she has a nice ass
  • Genelia
    genelia is so cute and sexy whereas shruty hasan is so ugly vijay and genelia super coupel genelia is hot and have nice ass :)
  • Henry
    hit of the decade
  • Prakash.K
    Very Super Film
  • Velayutham
    Supper mama!
  • Rasigan rupz
    in this year my Favorited movie....
  • Ganesh
    Good Entertainer
  • Tamilan
    seriyana uluthu pona padam.. stupid stunts, no sequence in story, same old tangechi annan paasam and violence and vulgarity. ove
  • Rasigan
    thalaivaaaaaaaaaaaaa ..u are rocking to the core.. i love u umaaaaaaaaaaah
  • தமிழ்
    டை சிலேன்ட் கில்லெர் நீ எல்லாம் மனிஷனா , உன்னியும் பெத்தவ ஒரு தாய் தானே , ............உனக்கு பிடிகளான விட்டு போய்டு இப்டி ஒரு
  • தமிழன்
    டை சிலேன்ட் கில்லெர் நீ எல்லாம் மனிஷனா , உன்னியும் பெத்தவ ஒரு தாய் தானே , ............உனக்கு பிடிகளான விட்டு போய்டு இப்டி ஒரு
  • Vijay
    en mayiru mari iraku
  • Seera
    surely vijay will get OSCAR award for this film... really film superb..awesome...ipadiellam eppo unga padatha pathu solrathunu t
  • பெயரில்லாதவன்
    தயவு செய்து இனி நடிக்க வேண்டாம்
  • Surya
    velayutham 98%. an 7aum arivu 63% so be carful
  • Thala Thalapathy
    velayutham is very good movie.on vijay Na comedy the same time raja sir direction pakka
  • Sanjay
    Same old story line... Do Velayutham team think people of stupid and want to keep it that way.. There is a justice day..
  • Tharshi
    Vijay anna superrrr, and velayudham is one of best movie in 2011 .... so continue
  • Rasigan
  • Cholan
    tamil cinema is doomed coz of this bastard
  • Sathyaraj
    pundai film
  • Josep vijay pembang
    sucks like sa chandrasekhar's ass
  • Vignesh
    vijay-raja combo wins!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Raina
    velayudham is one of the best movie in 2011....vijay rockzzz....vijay on hatrick....wating 4 nanban......
  • Dilva
    diwali winner is velayudham....100% entertainer......waiting 4 nanban....
  • Ajith fan
    mass means vijay,,,, review is 4 out of 5....
  • Dhoni
    velayudham is blockbuster of decade....awesome movie,,,,,thalapathy rockzzz
  • Rajkolachira
    My fav hero is always My ilaya dalapathy
  • Rajkolachira
    mass is always ass
  • Rames vj
    vijay anna velayudham is very fire mass movei.
  • Vinodh
    even vijay and director raja should not except this movie hit....if other state people see they ll make fun of hole Tamil indust
  • Vignesh
    thalapathy is back with the bang
  • Prakash
    Hello vijay anaa velayutham movie ist fantastic... I m really enjoy it.
  • Kamal
    Same story, sister...dies... revenge on villan.... Try something new. As usual, a comedy entertainer. Expect more from u vijay i
  • We are easy@net team
    velayutham its a best movie and I like vijay next superstar that vijay only
  • Shiva
    Best Commercial Movie Blockbuster of the year!! congrats Vijay !!
  • Ravi
    its awesome. ajith fans(anjaneya hitnu solra thevidya pasanga) won't accept this as they cudn't digest dis
  • Ram
    mass film thalapathy rox always..........action scenes ....damn gud especcially the train fight and the last fight sequences....
  • S.A chandrasekar
    do u have sense vijay now 2011 not like that 1980 u have any sense please act otherwise do any business
  • Ajith
    this movie eligable to seen no brain peoples suppose this post see to vijay , vijay with in three years ur get retirement in ta
  • Veeru
    please dont see anybody in this film because vijay is goes to very dangerous leval , please its fact , its continue that all th
  • Fvb
  • Kry
    very very bad sodapal
  • Ashok
    This movie doesnt seems to be a new story for tamil fans , everything looks very much familier. i would rate 2 out of 5.
  • Praveen (Die hard vijay fan)
    Vel Vel Vetrivel"ayutham"
  • Sathis kumar. r , kumbakonam
    Nalla Entertainment movie ... ravi sir nalla direction koduthurukaru climax konjam nalla irunthurukalam feel panren vijay sir na
  • Shanmuga
    ini ellam jayame unnal mudium
  • Adheeb
    Thalapathy rokz 7am arivu flap
  • Ashok vijay
    very nice movie Blockbuster of 2011
  • Balaji
    super thalaphy this movie oscars
  • Magesh
    after gilli thalapathy in fast & mass movie the best
  • Jahini
    wow supeb movie amazing better than 7aam arivu vijay rockzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Kiri
    thalapathy super
  • Niroshan
    poigu velayutham nala eruguthunu solathiga storye ela vijayku nadiga thariyathu poor music poor acting and poor fight scence ap
  • Janani
    Super movie... Vijay's Style is AMAZING.... Super Acting from Vijay...... Keep it up...
  • Salma
    superb movie
  • Thangavel
    mass move supper acting vijay very very good move
  • Xxx
    its a normal commercial movie if any low head actors act then sure this flim flap anyhow [thala pola varuma]
  • Jackson
    4 stars movie out of 5.. so proud to be Vijay fan!
  • Shiva
  • Vijay Akilan
    thalapathy always mass velayudham rocks in diwali 2011 race.
  • Esakks
    Viya Mega Hit film
  • 9698661185
  • 8098216060
  • RAJA
    Mass Movie........very good entertainer.....vijay started his next series.....
  • Arif
    GOOD Movie
  • Josep vijay palembang
    for oscars
  • David billa
    mayiru mari iraku
  • Danial
    supper acting, i love this film, this is the film
  • Ramji
    amazing film
  • Nasil
    supper film
  • Ravi
    good moveie
  • King
    mentel dog padama da ethu .son of bitch
  • I hate vijay
    kuppa padam too much offshow sevalen
  • Kasim
    enna solla immmm
  • JumperK
    Nothing new... What's up with all the praise?! As long as movies like this keeps becoming smash hits, people like Vijay will kee
  • Sankar
    bledy film vijay bledy dog waste film
  • Raja
    ayyo sema mokka dont compare with mankatha
  • Sudharshan
    velayudham is a gr8 muv..with gud social message..the story is same as a old wine in new bottle..but what makes velayudham inter
  • Thushinthan
  • Sridhar
    mass entertainer of the year thalapathy rocks once again......
    velayutham movie is very good action movie. VIJAY is rocksssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  • Velu velayutham
    nice film of this year.billa 2 tha mairu mari iruka poguthu.uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  • David billa
    mayiru mari iraku
  • Kanna
    i saw the film last week .Next vijaykanth..........thanks
  • Vino paris
    vijay......................... grt mangatha ellam oru padama thoppa ajith athuku vadivela nadechu erntha enum nalla odi erukum m
  • Riyas sri lanka
    padam super vijay ippadye ponga nengathan star
  • ALfred
    Movie... Really Sucks.... Nothing New i that movies...
  • Arvi
    Massive hit with no publicity
  • Neela
    intha padam pakkarathuku pathila sagalam
  • ARUN
    film is good..especially havin some logics..vijay rocks in this pic..waiting for next movies...thalapathy rocks
  • Saravanan
    blockbuster of this yr....40 crores collections in just 5 days...will def beat mankatha's collections
  • Velu
    padam pattasa irukku
  • Senthil
    vijay rocks...
  • Velayudham
    mankatha sucks....velayudham rocks....
  • Vikky
    odungada mundaigala... idhu thanda padam...
  • Kumar
    excellent film
  • Lenin
  • Vijay
    wotha padam na idhu thanda.... mankatha kuppa padam da....odungada ajith fans..
  • Jerfen
    i watched the film 3 times it was very nice
  • Francis
    vijay super star always hit... {born as star and reflected always in velayutham as hit movies i dubai }
  • Maya
  • Vences
    Soooper....bad time for Surya
  • Zandu Balm
    Vijay - Illaya 'Thalavali"
  • Fish
    V - V for Vellekenna,Vengayum, Verybad, Venru, finally Velayutham...
  • Sorimuthu
    Waste movie - ithule vere success press meet,party,gold coin gift ----------thooooooooooooooooo
  • Mani
    Vengayam ---- Velayutham
  • Ram
    poiya pooo cine field ye vittu...............
  • MUNI
    Mixture of TIRUPACHI,SURA,VILLU, ETC...........
  • Muni
    VIJAY you can become like a dance master .....please stop your acting.....thangamudhiyala...
  • Rose
    VELAYUTHAM - What a punch,What a climax ---Thoooooooo...
  • Rasigan
    good ,but it could have been much better
  • Karthiirock
    Good story and i like the pasam bwt u and ur sis... Diwali is really entertainment with ur flim ..
  • Feb
    Tell me 6 difference between Velayudham and Thirupatchi???
  • 12
  • Binu thomas
    inikishtamayi. vijay supper
  • Nio
    V for Victory
  • Sori surya
    ajith's billa2 should be a fashion walk 2...
  • Velu
    super thalaiva
  • David billa
    mayiru mari iraku
  • Kandasamy
    Agith fans sucks
  • Ramasamy
    Its nice
  • Dinesh
    anna chance less na...........................
  • Actor surya
    all surya fans sucks
  • Neela
    vijay try to do new story
  • Waste of money/time
    KONJA thamil makal muulayai valavungal. ithu nalla padam endru nenaichal, ithugalai pooi parungal: PARUTHI VEERAN, MINSARA KANAV
  • Priya
    this film sucks! generic story, no acting, fighting looked fake, the bit on the train only good part. 10 mins intro.
  • Suresh from malaysia
    Money waste time waste ....
  • Ur well wisher kutty
    Anna poothum ... We all r die ing here.better stop acting ...
    you showed your talent in this my ilayathalapathy dr.vijay anna
  • Vijay
    Vijay ur fighting all like super man, mr vijaykanth must come begg u...but what difference between vettaikaran and this movie.
  • Ratnam
    velayutham fantastic........this diwali is for vijay.........
  • Ajith prabhu
    velayutham very good , 7am arivu ok.....
  • Prabu
    i don't know whats the hype abt this movie.suriyas 7am arivu was way better and ofcourse diffrent story.well done suriya
  • Vijay's ex-fan
    thalapathi nenga engaluku oru periya Thalavali. Pls padam nadikathinaga, inthavaliku neenga seripatuvaramatinga
  • Balaji
    padam marana mass anna 7 am arivu ku seriyana appu inee soriya vijay anna kuda vechukita ennanu purichukum
  • Veera
  • Fan
    Smashing movie
  • Pradeep
    Pakka entertainer.. Perfect and experienced mass acting:))))))))))
  • Vijay
    Vijay rocks....Ajith sucks
  • Ali Ajith
    Padam na idhu than.... mankatha lam oru padama.... ajith fans vandhu sappitu pongada...
  • Zishan ax the great
    what a what a film da superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
  • Ravichandran, CBE
    Superb Film. Its a turning point to vijay. Illaya Dhalabathi Rocks again!
  • Hb
    7m arivu & velayutham comment
  • Bharath
    Vijay is my Fan
  • Vicky
    thalapathi the mass chillax
  • Ponraj
    anna your sentiment seen was to rock and your dance was tooooo rock and your new waryer dress was to beautifull for you.......
  • Raja
    anna superna massssssss massssssssss marana masssssssss
  • Shagi ahammed
    we can see almost 10 films in valayutham punda flim
  • Fzlcool
    thalapathi nda thalapathi thaan ellarum moodunga paatinga thyaaanae
  • Dinesh
    VELAYUTHAM Perfect family entertainer.. Mass movie..
  • Fan
    padam duper thala ana super
  • Breme sivamani
    Wonderful diwali gift from my Thalapathy..simply its rocking... vijay back with a u thalapathy....
  • David billa
    mayiru mari iraku
  • M.Delip raj
    vijay rocksssssssssssssssssssss
  • Vijay
    velayutham.fuck moveeeeeeeeeeee.
  • Bharathi
    fuck move
    7aa ariukku intha padam ok ok
  • Chennaiboy
    velayutham is kuruvi part2
  • Shan-london
    i watse 2and half hun hour watching that movie
  • Vijay
    Vijay rocks
  • Lenin
    Padam na idhu than.... morattu mass...
  • Suri
    very fast movie like ghilli ..
  • Mani
    Velayutham Commertial Entertainer of the year , Screenplay superb ...
  • Kannan
    i so this movie three times. but i want watch onesmore. exellent movie.
  • Murali
    valayutham willbe huge sucsess for thalapadhi
  • PL
    Vijay is coming back!!
  • Enna pathi yartayum visarichiya
    nan apdiye shock aytaen
  • SHAM
  • Vinoth
    Fantastic Diwali gift from Vijay. A family entertainer. Much better then the mokkai movie 7 am arivu
  • Gilli
    Vijay man of Mass and class. undisputed king of opening ending everything
  • Rajesh
    same story ..thirupachi,vettaikaran,sura....but new title.....otha vijay baadu .odipoidu...
  • Thiru
    i dont understand y these ppl telling ...fil is good ...old story mokka punches....i hate that waste fellow ...santhanam co
  • Sanu
    thirupachi - 2.....flop movie of the waste
  • Ramesh
    mokka padam..............
  • Kathir
    Vijay can start experimenting diff stories.. Enough of commercial formula type movies..
  • Ajak Sujee
    Thalapathi Rockz
  • David billa
    mayiru mari iraku
  • Vignesh
    velayutham is good commercial movie.....vijay-raja combo wins....
  • Jhon
  • Paddy
    fantastic entertainment..clear winner of the year.. thalapathy rocks
  • SAAM
  • Ahambramashmi
    not any thing new....its a vijay flim and waste flim....................... thalapathy tharum thala- valli
  • Clarence
    vela superb, excellent ,fantastic keep going hands'up
  • Nalam virumbi
    intha madiri telugu remake ah vitta raja ku onnum theriyaathu...commercial try panraen nu vijay sir kolraaru...enna koduma si it
  • VijayVinolia
    ThalaPATHY yo d best.. Movie was awesum itz a real treat for al of us.. Love yu loadz n keep goin my love..
  • Yuvan
    nice but second half only for vijay fans
  • Ragupathi
    vijay always rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Chandran
    money wast
  • Abdul Nellai......:-)
    velayutham super movie..........
  • FeroZe
    superb film by our kollywood super hero
  • Chandru
    it's ok.good movie.but not a better movie
  • Madhavanuk this acting, i can accept the story line and concept but the way vijay appearing suddenly makes the viewers as foo
  • Vikram
    Hai Velu ...Velayutham.... super and fantastic movie. Surely it will give a big grade to Vijay and Velayutham team.
  • Sullan
    he is using his film for politics..
  • Anniyan
    u vijay fans r many times he is acting same type movies..y he is using his films to propoganda his politics..see movi
  • Sathi
    Time wast ..................
  • Common
    Big Mokkai!! same story line ! vijay anna please make some difference . Thanks
  • Lakneswaran
    All 4 actors did good job this year!!! Thalla, Vijay, Vikram, surya
  • Kuruvi
    super movie ( evalvu tha builtup pannalu 7 am arivu udavada arivu aidyhu) i saw the film 3 times a string movie
  • Don
    how many sucker have came to produce such a movie ...hai jst make a p**n movie to ern money.....
  • Vijay rasigan
    illayathalapathy rockzzzzzzzzzzzz...........suriya not dare to release the film against future
  • Gopi-Arani
    7am,8am,9am,10am........100000000 ARIVU vanthalum...... R-1,2,3,4.....10000000 vanthalum........Can't beat velayudam
  • Kingmaker
    awesome super kalakal hit machi hittu
  • YUK
    7am arivu illa ethana arivu vandalum thalaya asaika mudyadhu. vijay ever rocks. i am proud to be a fan of Vijay.
  • Vijay
    velayutham superb.. vijay rocks again.
  • Fazan
    wonderful movie boss.................................
  • Javid
    Vijay theavu seidhu neee setthu poidu da
  • Pradeep
    thala super movie 7am arivu flop very suer movie velayutham
  • Thala ajith fan........
    padam waste nu solla modiyadhu ........idhuku munnadi vanda padangaluku idhu paravala.............vijay konjam maridurukiga.....
  • Raj
    ooooooooooooooooo waste
  • Remo
    Its vijay movie!!! Confirm blockbuster!!! Waiting 4 Nanban....
  • Sarathy
    Velayutham is a wonderful movie. Thalapathy super....
  • Diraa
    Velayutham rocks. Born to rule !!! Gethu
  • Richard
    je kiff ce film
  • David
    Velayudham super movie :):)....!!! definite winner at the diwali box office..evry1 knws tht but surya fans wont agree!! doesn ma
  • Fuck vijay
    wat a suck movie..confirm flop..bye to vj lar u f*** to 7-am arivu...velayudham nakke ppodhu manne..vj fanz-ku umbhi !
  • Raja Guru
    Velayuthamey engal thalaivarey valum kadavuley..
  • Mahesh
    velayutham pera sonna summa ADARUDU ela llllllll
  • Mspd
    Compare to 7am arivu best is Velayutham .
  • Jinat
    velayutham so nalla felim
  • Army naveen
    vijay na super film there is one more velayutham
  • Army
    fan of vijay rocks hit in movie na one more velayutham must be there
  • 7 am arivin padi surya
    WHAT A MOVIE VELAYUTHAM..WOW VIJAY IS ROCK... chance illa eppowum no1 thaliveruthaan
  • Vijay fan!
    Sonna Puriyathu.... Go see it and Chilax!
  • Imran
    maamsngala... ok raham than... summa superbnu ellam poi solla mudiyadhu....
  • Vijay.vijay
    dai vijay 9 kude . velayutham mokia da. yentha pundaiyachum ajith pathe peasuna . un vaaila oopen. 50th padam surava pathen vaai
  • Boss
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  • Hk
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    Punda ajith fans: 50 (ajith) padathula 10 hit godutha ungalukke ivvalavu adhuppu iruntha.5o (vijay) padathula 10 flop godutha en
  • Fan
    Thalapathi Alaways Rocks And the Songs are good so definetly Thalapathy rocks.
  • Tharan
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    Shock news for vj fans.. Velayutham is a average flick.. So another flop coming vj's way.. sorry fans..
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  • Karthik
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    Only Ajith and Rajni r two real super stars in Indian Cinema.
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    vijay is dubakur........... support of his father and politics.... Shameless Vijay
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  • Muthubala
    i am ajith fan. pls don't fight because our stars has become friends why don't u doing like this pls i request u all . i wish vi
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  • Vijay Getting Wrost.
    Vijay fans Answer the Simple Question .... ungal thalapathi Eppothu thaan Sontha Kathai ill nadipaar........ tharpothu Avar cos
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    VIjay oru nalla thalaivan thalaivaa nee engal thalaivan
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  • Tamilan TFC
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    MASS,M=masala,A=ass,S=supper S=sucker,,,,,,,,,vijay fans 
  • Mass vijay
    vijay is not using septictank bcz vijays fans mouth is used a kusu hole in his house vijay is happy for that
  • for vijay
    compared to all heroes in tamil industry vijays 50th film is the worlds utter flop,that is a kinnes record
  • Kusu pandy vijay
    like kuruvi vijay will give big kusu for his fans
  • Pochu vijay
    pochu is also round,,,,,,vijays pochu face is also round
  • Simbu
    potta vijay hw r u d?,,,,,,,,,,,,,umbu
  • Foolish fans
    v=vijay or vijaykanth, fighting style=superman, hair style=dye, face=full of mackup, future plan=politics
  • Monkey
    monkey vijay robed my rain cot,,,,,,,,any one get my rain cote from that monkey vijay
  • Sudakaran
    velayutham hit movie
  • Murali
    vijay in velayutham super hit
  • Prakash
    vijay in velayutham best
  • Prince
    vijay oru mass hero
  • Brandan
    vijay the rock
  • Dayalan
    Vijay anna u a best...............
  • Kannan
    vijay the best
  • Yurick Aod
    Never Say Never .. Vijay King Of Kollywood,,,, Always Rock...
  • ARSHAD MECH Ist year
    king vijay fans
  • Ajith devidiyas fans
    ajith fans oru potta fans ajith oru panni punda ajithkum tr kum enna differn rendum otha pundaika
  • Vijay
    he i want to see ur monkey fight in velayutham hahahaha
  • Monkey vijay
    vijay monkey robed my rain-cote,,,,,da vijay monkey give my rain-cote
  • Simbu
    hi monkey hw ru da?
  • potta vijay fans
    ajith fans broke all bus glass & made strike all over TM & they supported vijay bcz of that only karunanidhi failed in election
  • Ajith is best
    one thing to all vijay fans,kavalan film is relised because of ajith fans,the made strik all over TN,,see the news ok
  • Vijay fans r oombu ing
  • Vijay veriyan
    lion all ways lion....cannot be change
  • Vijay die hard fans
    otha ajith fansku vekkam manam iruinthal nalla nadika sollu da potta pasangala ajith ellam heroin pundaya suck oombu panavan aji
  • Both r future karunanidhi
    v= vijay or vijaykanth, fighting style=superman, hair style= dye, face= mackup, future plan=politics
  • P+vijay
    thare is no much different between vijay & vijatkanth both r superman fighter, but vijay face only looke like pochu face vijay
  • Umbu vijay
    vijay face is full of makeup like vijaykhanth,,,,,,,,,,,potta vijay
  • Kusu vijay
    potta vijay is using dye for his hair & going to beautyparler for mackup potta vijay
  • Vijay pochu + kundi = pochu kundi
    vijay,rajini,vijaykanth,visal,,,,,,,these four heroes r black but vijay face only look like pochu ,,,,,, pochu face vijay valg
  • Vijay
    all foolish vijay fans r thinking vijay is young he is only two years younger than ajith,,potta vijay is appling dye for his hea
  • Vijay is real 9
  • Vijay
  • Vijay in fans
    pathi pathi pathi thalapathi ethutavan ellam attokathi etthu ellam tharathalaikum da
  • Talapathi uir
    vijay is one and only star in the koolywood
  • By sandhanam
    potta poriki vijay oliga
  • Tharuthala wins
    tharuthala fans vs poriki fans,,in every film hero is acting like a tharuthala boy & villain as poriki boy
  • Kupu
    me to i hate vijay very very much
  • AJ
    vijay sucks
  • Jayamravi fans
    vijay ur hair style in body guard is super maintain it ok
  • Sandanam fans
    east or west potta vijay is the best
  • Vijay valga
    like kuruvi vijay will give kusu for his fans in velayutham
  • Arya
    kundi face vijay be happy,,,,,,,,,,,poda kundi
  • Simbu
    da potta vijay hw r u da?,,,,,,,,umbu
  • Vijay lovers
    vijay is a ass hole fuck his hole vijay fans do it ok
  • Suck Allah
    yohan still,kuruvi still, alagia tamil magan still, nanban still,,,,,all looks same,,,,,foolish fans of vijay
  • Halal
    if vijay is a dancer means tell him to keep dance class y he is acting,,,,real potta acting vijay
  • Dongai
    vijay punch dialog,,,,,,,,,im mass,,,m= mega a=ass s=shit s=suckers
  • Allah
    pochu is also round,,,,,, pochu face vijay is also round
  • Vijay anna
    vijay is a good bum shake denser,,,,,,,,,,,kiss vijay bum vijay fans
  • Appu for vijay fans
    compared to seiner actor's vijay 50th film is the worlds biggest utter flop
  • Happy fans
    vijay next blue film,,,,,,,,na adcha thanga mata
  • Vijay
    vijay punch dialog,,,,,,,,,,,,,,pochu kula vitu nondu kusu varum,,,,,,only for my fans
  • Pota fans of vijay
    Unbelievable Highway Accident vijay is escaped with his superman skills,,,,,,,,comedy vijay
  • Sre
    thala un yohan marana style ini ajith kali nee dhan original thala & indan JAMESBOND varrar
  • Thalaivan fans
    superb get up thalaiva
  • Madurai vijay fans
    gilli anna we all r behon u anna dont worry abou the asith fans!!!
  • Shamini
    vijay is very cute
  • Kala
    i love u r dance
  • Kamal
    u r the super nayagan
  • Yohan
    i saw the yohan stills it is very nice
  • yahon
    i saw yohan stills its wonderfull
  • Sanjeep
    super look thalaiva
  • Sreetharan
    this will be the blockbuster of this year
  • Praveen
    i love u thalaivaaaaaaaaa
  • Vijay fans (france le bourget)
    vijay superb get i love tis get up
  • Vijay veriyan
    we dont care about ajith fans onyly one of the ajith fan is writing the bull shit comment like this
  • Rajini
    kanna ne pattaya kelappu
  • Sree
    i love u vijay
  • Prasanth
    vijay tha best
  • Vijay shit
    shameer eat ur shit of ur GF shit ok
  • Shameer
    Vijay is the best actor in the world comparing to any actor in the world...he knows to dance and as well as to act..will others
  • Sandanam the great
    da vijay just go and suck ur own sunni or ask training from ur fans they r good in that poda po
  • Vijay sucks
    sivaji,mgr,rajini,kamal all gave hit in their 50th film so only they r big stars in tamil nadu but vijay utter flop,,,real pota
  • Big appu for vijays fan
    in his history of 50th film vijay kept appu for his fans,,,,,,so weight for his 100th film
  • Sandhanam lovers
    y vijay face is looking like pochu,,,,,becouse he is a pochu vijay
  • Sombu naki vijay
    if any body want to tast the shit means,,,,,,like vijay face but u will die after that
  • Sandanam
    compared to vijay face,,,,,,pochu it self will look beautiful,,,,poda loosu vijay
  • Sandanam fans
    da vijay ne ana appatakera
  • Loosu payan vijay
    vijay ur face is the beautiful face in tamil film industry,,,,,kamal, rajini face r waste,,,,by vadivalu
  • Arya
    vijay ur hair style in body guard is super maintain it ok
  • Jayamravi halal
    da pota odiru ok va
  • Arya the great
    kusu pota vijay valga
  • Kuruvi
    like kuruvi in velayutham vijay will give kusu for his fans
  • True fans of vijay
    we r thare vijay pleas shit on the table we will eat it ,,,,,,,vijay fans r dirty bitch
  • Rajini fans
    to all vijay fans don't tell vijay is a super star he is a poti & fucker,,,,,,,,,rajani is a super star ok
  • Funny vijay
    vijay is fighting with ajith becouse he want ajith kusu,,,so that he can become wight
  • Kusu
    vijay is a loos u boy he is eating shit & also vijay fans r doing the same thing
  • Loosu
    vijays punch dialog,,,,,,,mass my kussu is a big mass for me
  • Pochu
    vijay is a next hero he is selected in Hollywood for his spider-man fighting,,,,poda pochu
  • Arya fans
    my name is vijay,,,,,vijay means vetti payan kusu payan vomiting payan
  • Die fans halal
    vijay is not using sepitictank bcz his fans mouth r used as a kusu hole vijay is happy for that
  • Vijay fucks
    kusu pandi vijay is a real kusu fucker
  • Allah ramzan
    another live film vijay is telling to his fans in first night,,,,,,,appadi podu thirupi podu aluthi podu
  • Halal Allah
    vijay acting in a blue film,,,,,,,title,,,,,na adicha thanga mazhai
  • Halal
    pochu is also round,,,,,,pochu face vijay is also round so he is a pochu vijay
  • Allah
    vijay fans sunni r the smallest sunni,,,,,,,,so vijay will help all his fans wife to get child in first night
  • Diheart fans
    vijay is a fucker he will fuck all his fans GF so his fans r interested in seeing their GF ia fucked by vijay
  • Pota valga
    da vijay y ur coping telegu film r u a pota velayutham,nanban is a telagu & hindi film
  • Simbu
    da pota sunni vijay,,,,,,,,hw r u da?
  • Vijay
    vijay punch dialog,,,,,pochu kula vitu nondu kusu varum,,,,only for my fans
  • Suria fans
    we r suria fan,kamal,sharukhan both of them r top heros they r also shot,vijay dont no to act
  • Vijay
    vijay punch dialog,,,,,,,my fans is thare they will give me their GF to fuck
  • Yoga
    vijay is always mass
  • Shamini
    i want to kiss vijay
  • Usha vijay fan
    vijay i am ready to fuck with u
  • Jeyam raja
    all the best for velayudham
  • Shibi
    vijay the boss of all mass
  • Ajith
    vijay is a rocking starrrrr
  • Sam
    vijayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Prasanna
    vijay is the next superstar
  • Khalaf
    vijay u r the masssssss
  • Jack
    vijay the best in world
  • Ajith punda
    mankatha (no rules to fuck his mother)
  • Vijay madurai fans
    block sucker of this year is mankatha
  • Vinay
    blockbuster of this year is velayudham
  • Vimal
    kumthalakadi kumava thalapathy na summava
  • Vijay fans club chennai
    vijay u r the king in chennai
  • Babu
    udalum uyirum en ilaya thalapathiku
  • Sarath
    udal mannuku uyir ilayathalapathiku
  • Arjun
    ajith and kullan sucks !!!!vijay is the best
  • Mahendran
    vasooool mannan
  • Piraba
    varungala mgr
  • Rajinthan
    thalaiva we all are behind u dont worry
  • Vijay fans club(france lacourneuve)
    vijay we laove uuuuuuuuuuuuu
  • Thilakshan
    vijay the only mass in kollywood
  • Praveen
    vijay the next super nayagan
  • Prasanth
  • Ilayaraja
    he is the mass
  • Rajini
  • Vijay veriyan
    i love u vijay
  • Vijay fan
    thalaiva nee vaalga
  • Potai vijay
    in real life also he his acting as hindu
  • Vijay fans r
    rajini,kamal,ajith,dhanus all r hindu but vijay is a christian he want to become famous so he is acting as an hindu boy in filim
  • Potai vijay
    vijay is a christen but he his acting as an hindu boy in filims because of money but ajith is an hindu
  • ,,,
  • Lol
  • Lol
  • Arya halal
    vijay punch dialog,,if u eat kusu means kusu will come from ur ass hole,,all vijay fans will follow this
  • Arya fans
    vijay, suria r waste,,jayamravi & arya is the best u all will going to see their up comming films
  • Jayamravi fans club
    if vijay give hit films also we don't care he is a big looser in his 50th film,this is called appu for vijay fans
  • Jayamravi,,,,,,, halal Allah
    dai vijay umbu kanna umbu
  • Pottai vijay valga
    velayutham,nanban,pokeri,gilli, sahagan,vetaikaran and many more hit films r copied from other language
  • Pottai fans of vijay
    pottais only copy from others so real pottai in tamil industry is vijay
  • Bigest fucker is vijay
    vijay is a E ADICHAN Copy cat all his films r from telegu & upcoming films also e-adichan from telegu
  • 200708
  • Thala fan
    ajith vanthu vijay pulla sappa sollugada muthal
  • Vijay kept appu for his fan's
    in vijay record 50th film is a dummy,so weight for his 100th film,looser vijay fans,at end ajith is a winner
  • Halal Allah
    vomiting face vijay,,,,,,, pleas vomit on vijays face
  • Pottai vijay get lost
    pleas dont talk about vijay he is a fucker and he fucks a loot he likes to fuck also he is a dirty bitch
  • Vijay
    vijays fans r good in bad words compare to ajith fans,because their sunni is small,vijay will help fan's in first night haahahah
  • Vijay valga
    new vijay punch dialog,,,,,,pochu kula vitu nondu kusu varum,,,,this is for my fans only
  • Vijay na suma va
    vijay punch dialog,,,,,,,my fans r tare they will give me their GF to fuck i will give them free child's
  • Simbu fans for ajith
    da potta sunni vijay hw r u da?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, umbu
  • Arya the great
    im arya fan,,,,,,,,y vijays fans r using dirty words to ajith,,realy all vijay fans r fuckers and pottais
  • Pottai fans of vijay
    all vijay fans tell me which film is hit for him don't tell gilli, pokeri, shagahan ok all r dubbed from telegu
  • Fucker vijay fuck of
    the real thing is all vijay fans r good for nothing,and also they r useless guys,rajini is the super star not vijay fucker
  • Nithy karthick
    the actor wit evergreen MASS.....thalapathy will rocks in VELAYUTHAM.....
  • G
    hit of the year
  • RubAN
    ahhh ribbed of it from ASSASSIN ....
  • Vijay fucks all fans
    ajith is superstar,vijay is ullaganayagan,which looks like comedy,,no doubt vijay is a comedy fucke
  • Anonymous
    different ah act panna sonna .. sock pai mela potu act panni irukan.. ivana vechu comedy tha panna mudium
  • R.k
  • Thala rocks vijay fans fucks
    vijay finished 52 films in this all hit film r taken from telegu,,thala ajith finished 49 films all his film r not copied its a
  • Vikram fans
    dont compare national winner to a dummy artist like vijay fucker & copying all hit telegu films,,,,pottai ass hole vijay fuck of
  • Vikram is the best
    for all vijay fans,,,,,,,,vikram is a national winner for his acting but vijay is not a national winner
  • Ramza
    vijay fuck of man go and fuck ur sunny its self,,,or ask ur fans for training,, thay r good in that
  • Mohamed
    vijays fans r eating vijays shit,vijay is happy they r not using septictank,all his fans mouth is used as septictank
  • Alha
    vijay is a fucker vijays fans r no.1 kusu fucker
  • Halal
    all vijay fan lick vijays ass and eat it
  • Vijay fans
    vijay ever green super star
  • All over india vijay fans
    vikram intha mathiri nadicha dhaan nalla irukum annaa thalapathy eppidi nadichalum padam pattaya kelapum
  • Nirosh
    End of the day its just an entertainment You are an entertainer, inc Rajini Kamal Ajith and etc... Hope for The Best
  • Die hard Vijay Fan
    vijay is the best..........ajith and surya punda sunniya umba sollungada thevidiya....fuck oss
  • Die heart vijay fans
    in velayutham vijay will put kusu into the mouth of his die heart fans
  • Jayamravi
    fuck vijay & suria,,,,,,,,,ajith is the best
  • Vikram fans
    to all vijay fans & vijay go and watch Deiva Thirumagal then only u know about acting
  • Jayamravi fans
    kusu vijay ur r a dirty kusu in film industry
  • Arya lovers
    comedy vijay f**k of man
  • Ajith fans
    vijay all of ur hit filims r copied from telegu and malayalam,,,ajith films r hit for his acting skills,,,Pottai vijay
  • Vijay fans
    new Punch dialog of vijay,,,,,,,my fans will hold torch for me i will f**k my fans GF
  • Arya fans
    vijay just do one thing go and f**k ur fans
  • Simbu
    da Pottai vijay hw r u da?
  • Pottai vijay
    Pochu is also round,,,,,,so Pochu face vijay is a real name
  • Super star dhanus valga
    dhanus only got national award for aadukalam not vijay
  • Vijay haters
    dhanus is the next super star not vijay
  • Dhanus the real super star
    vijay u don't no to act,,,y ur trying to become a super star,,,,fuck u bitch get lost vijay & his fans,,,,,,,
  • Dhanus fans
    all vijay fans r true liers,,,,,,,,,,fuck them all vijay fans,,,,,,,Dhanus is the next super star
  • Hazamin
    i am suriya fan i thing vijay vijay next supar star
  • Suriya
    2day supar star rajani 2moro supar star vijay
  • Raja
    that is raet vijay next supar star i am ajith an vijay fan
  • Shafran
    i am rajani and vijay fan i thing vijay next supar star
  • Erode janani
    i like raja and vijay
  • Stv janani
    vijayand raja the legend
  • Bashaa
    piduchu umbu potdhe
  • Ranjith
    vijay i love u
  • Tamil cinema report
    velayudham will be the super block buster of this year!!!!
  • Prasanth
  • Praveen
    vijay the best
  • Praveen
    vijay has more than 78000 fans clubs only in tamilnadu
  • France (vijay fans)
    vijay we love u for ever
  • Thimiru boyz
    vijay we love u
  • Prasanth
    vijay is the next superstar
  • Vijay
    vijay is best
  • Balu
    all the best
  • Shanoob
    adipoli annaaaa
  • Vijay
    vijay is bestv
  • Vijay fans
    kalai u mathar fuck i facu u sis
  • Ajith fans
    i like comment of vikram fans.vijay is worest actor in tamil film industries.
  • Sendhil kumar vijay fan
    hello i like vijay so much,,,,,ajith also very nice actor,,,,, pleas dont hurt vijay fans and also ajith fans
  • pottai vijay
    velayutham,nanban,pokere,gilli,sajakan,once-more,vetaikaran,villu,kuruvi,alagia tamil mahan all these films r copied from teleg
  • Srikanthan
    kathalluku maryatha movei bast movei you no tha fanis yes , an kavallan 2 bat 52 vijay movei new vallyutham good acttar an
  • pottai vijay fucks a lot
    in film vikram,vijay,vishal all starts with V who is best,,vikram is best in acting,,the real mass hero is viahal
  • Vikram fans
    watch DEIVA THIRUMAGAL all pottai vijay fans & real pottai vijay then only u know about acting
  • Pottai vijay
    real pottai coping all hit films from telegu and malayalam,,,,,velayutham thelegu cpoy,,,nanban hindi copy
  • Superstar Rajinikanth fan's
    da pottai vijay be coollllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  • Vijay pottai no.1
    new punch dialog of pottai vijay,,,,,,,if shit is not coming means eat shit & go shit
  • Pottai vijay
    pottai vijay punch dialog,,,,,,velayutham parunga vomiting pananum
  • Pee
    dirty vijay fuck ur kusu fans
  • No simbu no sombu
    kusu pandy vijay hw r u da?
  • Vijay fans
    i like vijays shit
  • Vijay loving fans
    hi massage hero,,,hi poriki hero,,,hi kudi hero,,,hi sunni hero,,,hi kusu hero we love vijay and his shit
  • Rama
    vijay just go and eat shit and share ur shit to ur fans also they like it very much
  • Halal no.1
    vijay is a shit his fans r shit liking guys
  • Shit fans for vijay
    vijay fans r all weighting for vijays shit,,,,,,,,,,,give him banana he will give u his shit
  • Vijay
    vijay punch dialog,,,,,,eat banana or drink tea shit will come from ur ass
  • Halal
    kusu vijay,,,,,pe vijay,,,,,,,pundai vijay,,,,,,,sunni vijay,,,,,,,,fuck vijay
  • Malik
    pochu is also round vijays pochu face is also round,,,,,,,,,poda pochu vijay
  • Halal
    vijay ur sunni and ur fans sunni r the smallest sunni,,,,,,,,,,poda sunni vijay
  • 9ajith, kusu boy ajith
    mankatha punch dialog + mankatha parunka unka ammawukku oalunka ha ha , athu
  • 9
    mankatha punch dialog - mankatha parunka unka ammawukku oalunka ha ha, athu
  • 9ajith, kusu boy ajith
    mankatha punch dialog - mankatha parunka unka ammawukku oalunka ha ha, athu
  • 9ajith athu
    mankatha punch dialog - mankatha parunka unka ammawukku oalunka ha ha, athu
  • Pokkiri
    parra thalaivarra lookka... ivandanda hero
  • Thalapaythy
    yes the ajith fans are fucking
  • Vijay
    dai punda ajith fans moodungada vaaya thevadiya punda ajith fas
  • Unknown
    hope ths will b awesum ........
  • Pradeep
    Its time for vijay
  • Vikram(madurai)
    vijay filma fans nanga paathukurom. nenga wry pana venam vethuvetungala
  • Ajith
    ungaluku vijaya pidikalan unga sootha mooditu ponga da,
  • Saam
    vijay is king of kollywood
  • Simbu
    hi vijay r u hungry
  • Vijay
    Velayutham super movie
  • Next MGR vijay
    naatuku romba thevai idhu,,,,,,,,,,poda kusu vijay
  • Haaaaaaaaaa
    vijay realy ur face is look like pochu
  • Arya fans
    poda punda vijay
  • Sandanam
    hi massage hero of south India vijay hw r u?
  • Vijay rocksssss
    massage vijay give chance to ur fans they will do midnight massage for free
  • Mohamed
    vijay all ur fans r weighting for ur kusu,,,,,,,give the same kusu for ur fans like kuruvi
  • Stepany
    upcoming punch dialog of vijay,,,,,eat banana u will go 2 toilet smoothly
  • Rocky
    new punch dialog,,,,,,,,f**k the girl u will get a child,,,,,,,mass punch
  • Sombu siva
    vijays next movie title poochandi
  • Ramesh
    vijay just go and fuck or do massage go go go
  • Vijay fans
    vijay have u f**ked ur fans
  • Simbu
    kusu face vijay hw r u da?
  • Fuck vijay
    just just do one thing fuck of man
  • Pochu vijay
    pochu vijay ur face is look like pochu,,,,,,,,pochu is also round ur pochu face is also round
  • Paul
    Vijay Sucks... Very bad actor. All his recent movies were big flops. Hope this movie is different.
  • Vijay is nothing
    movie's acting is the important thing so only kamal, rajini, madavan, vikram, ajith, dhanus fans love them for ever
  • Yahalatenne
    yar anna sonnalum ,vijay is next super star .naan an valkkayula oru thadavayavathu avara meat pannanoonnu nenaikkuren..2004 la a
  • Nateshprabu
    vijay vijay thaan.ajith ajith thaan.
  • Suresh
    the mega star vijay i wish all best for velayutham
  • Suresh
    dai thalapuduki fans 9thu punda ajithikku intha film flop of the year
  • Saran
    RK BROTHERS 24hrs freezer box & ambulance service contact no : 7299299858
  • Deepika
    vijay and ajith both are good in their own ways.
  • Deepu
    vijay is a hero in real life also.
  • Deepi
    velayutham will celebrate silver jubilee
  • Ardent vijay fan
    vijay looks so cute and handsome
  • Keer
    no one can beat vijay.
  • Fan
    vijay is next mgr.
  • Deepu
    dont post any bad messages as it is a social networking site. vijay and itself became good friends. so dont fight.
  • Vijay fan
    vijay is going to rock tamil cinema once again
  • Surya
    vijay is the mass of all masses
  • Chennai
    velayutham is going to rock tamil cinema industry.
  • Vellore
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  • Mokka
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    in every danus or visal or ajith stories we r watching tharuthalai will be the hero & Poriki is the villain,Poriki like girls,,t
  • Vinoth kumar R
    i am waiting for u ilayathalapathi come fast...........
    velautham vetri nadai podum vazhithukkal. EN elayathalapathiyai ithayathil vaikkavillai EN ithayamaga vaithirukiren.
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    pls try to change your style of costumes , y are u always wearing, paatu saree shirt and rose colour phant
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  • Sanjeevi
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  • Hussain
    thalapathy rocks ever......
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    for all mass, boos & gethu, Thala is the leader,,,,,,,,for all poreke, theru poreke & thandasoru, Thalapathy is the leader
  • Vamsam is weighting for u time will come
    vijays punch dialog is the best,,,,,,,,,he is the winer of best mokai award
  • Sun
    vijay's next film vala palam,hop every one will like it
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  • SRi
  • Moka pandi vijay
    vijay's punch dialog,,,,,,no road no vehical,,,,,power off no current,,,,no match stick no fire,,,no toung no visil
  • Udhayan
    there is no style for u compared to rajini ,kamal, suria, ajith, vikram, visal, danus, simbu,,,vijay ur good for nouthing
  • Deepi
    vijay is an evergreen star. velayutham will become his best movie in his career. no one can beat him.
  • Star group
    All the best
  • Mohamed .s.lanka
    vijay my nanban and he,s mass of koolywood nevar over t all hero
  • Karol
    Thalapathy.... Our evergreen Ilaya thalapathy ... always Rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. very exciting wall. waiting for the film
  • Sarathy
    Ilaya Thalapathy VIJAY na MASSSSSSSSS.....
  • Nanban
    Thalapathy rockzz big time gd luck 4 ur future projects
  • Vijay team
    Talaiiivaaaa ur The Best!!!! Love U!!
  • Alex
    vetta ....vetta ...vetta arambhicheda dai
  • Rishal
    vijay is supreme star......
  • Antony
    No one can beat my brother(vijay) ..........he is the best...........
  • Arun Vijay
    vijay is best
  • Rasigan
  • Vijay Bangalore
    Stunning Ever Green super star ilayathalapathy vijay's Velayutham going to rock Tamil Nadu.Man of Mass and class none other than
  • Mafi and mazi
    ur da nxt mass of class.. al da vry best
  • Sham
    Vijay ur superb, no one come in ur place place . your velayudham is goin to rock . mankatha is goin to fail. U R MY ILAIYATHALAP
  • Gmraja
    vijay na mass ajithe na waste
  • U r welwisher
    Mr. Vijay, Please don't act joke movie it's good for u r future..
  • Deep
    Please dn't copy any telugu movie try to do different movie and different style and also please dnt copy allu arjuna's dance ste
  • Arul
    thalaikellam thalapathi
  • Pokeri
    na aducha mass,,,,,,,,na nadantha nilam nadungum,,,,,na partha palam paluthurum
  • Loga
    seriously cant wait to watch vijay's movie...vijay rocks man..
  • Sura
    thalapathi ur a thalavali
  • Sabari
    this film will rokz
  • Thirisha
    mankatha folp velayutham super hit pada vanthal theriyum yaar mass endu
  • Karthikeyan.s
    vijay is a next super star
  • Hak
    vijay na mass
  • Puttu
    Will be a average masala film..!! ALl the best..
  • Rabit m r m
    mangatha next national award film
  • Ponraj
    Vijay Rocks Start again
  • Soban
    thalabathy..............................super hit movie
  • 123
    AFTER SO MANY FLOPSSS, THIS WUD BE BETTER........................................ NOT BLOCKBUSTER.
  • Vettikaran
    vijay the best, next superstar =)
  • Vijay mokka
  • Yogesh
    velayutham is super hit vijay is super star
  • Constantin
    super vijay anna
  • Charles
    Vijay is a Next Super Star......
  • M.Delip
    velayadam will be the masiv hit of the year
    velayudham,nanban..... block buster of the yr tamil thirai ulagam ALAGIYA TAMIL MAGAN THALAIVAAA
  • Babu trichy
    vijay in naxt blockboster movies velayutham and nanban,nan sekapu manithan ,24.
  • Srenath
    ajithku nadikka theriyathu ly nadaka dhaan theriyum ajith fans ellam potta pasanga
  • Vijay die hard fans
    vijay is next superstar... velayutham, nanban and ar murugadass project all super hit....
  • Sankara Narayanan
    Velayudham will be the next mile stone for my favorite Izhayathalapathy vijay like Ghilli...
  • Haj
    Thalapathy In VELAYUTHAM gonna BLOCK BUSTER
  • Yoga8690
    vijay u always hard u only the best in tamil field.........
  • Jeff
    Velayudham Will Be a Smashing Hit. Gethu Vijay rocks.
  • Raja
    anna kalakkunganna
  • Pokkiri rahman
    v 4 victory.vj+velayutham=mega victory
  • Tharan
    what a mother fucker movie of velajutham
  • Vijay father
    vijay punda mavan
  • Saravana
    mankatha is the best
  • Sri
    vijay is mass mass is vijay
    kullan suriyaum, taru talaum adicu tookka waranda , enka gilli " VELAYUTHAM "
  • Pokkiri
    kullan suriyaum, taru talaum adicu tookka waranda , enka gilli " VELAYUTHAM " talaivaruda aadatta yaaralaum tadukka mudiyathu ma
  • Ramesh
    vj u is dummy piece in msia n spore.most of them said u is next captain.i hope so..pls 4get it about next sstar. oly mgr n rajin
  • Inshafali
    velayutham is blockbuster movie
  • Your massanger
    This move is copyed from assains creed, its a xbox360 and ps3 game. this movies is a full copyright
  • Vijay bromley
    vijay gonna rocks in Velautham- come on Gilli.
  • God
  • Francis
    Anna Rocking Startssssssssssssss
  • Raju
    vijay you are only our super star
  • Piragash
    vijay is next super star valayutham maga hit god bless you
  • Prathap
    Good Actor, Comedian, Fighter, Dancer...All in all... All the very best
  • Sanmugam,chennai
    hello tharuthalapathy padam supero hit.
  • Abu
    velayutham will be box office hit this year
  • Prasanth93200
    thalapathy the best ilove u thalapathy
  • Goodmoviesfan
  • Thalapathy
    2011 - Velayutham Mega Hit Blockbuster
  • Rajesh
    vijay wins always no doubt about it
  • Truth
    vijay is the only hero who can act in james bond movies
  • 2011 joke
    vijay is the future super star
  • Youth
    rajini is old,,,,, vijay is youth
  • Ed
    Vijay Poda bonda vaya
  • 420
    i love ur hair style in kavalan
  • By vijay
    to all my fans my next film nandu
  • Sura
    Vijay Poriki see ur face in mirror,u have no style like rajine or kamal or suria ur head is like thanga sati,ur hair is like kur
  • Ajit fan
    Velayutham oddum Mankatha parakkum
  • Ajithkarthikvpm
    Vazhau, Vazha vedi, That's Thala fans.. vazhthukkal... pa.
  • Logesh
    velayutham will break all records machi....
  • 123
    just flop....
  • Karan thavarasa
    velayutham going to be rock 100% sure 200days
  • Siva Guru
    வேலாயுதம் வெல்லப்போவது உறுதி வேறு யாரும் எதிரில் நிக்ககூட முடியாது
  • Babu
    solli adikkum gilli - vijay's velayutham
  • Saravan akumar
    vijay in velayutham film roczzzz
  • Vijay shankar
    Ilaya thalapathi vijay velayutham sure 200 days film




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